Feldenkrais in the classroom

In this project, the Feldenkrais movement classes offered a learning model in which the children learn about how they learn. 

Danza Dance improvisation based on the Feldenkrais Method

This methodology provides tools to develop a richer and more flexible artistic expression within improvisation.

Family and group strategies

My approach consistently revolves around working with the family as a cohesive unit.

Minors & Mental Health

A training program that focuses on practical applications of bodywork aiming to enhance the well-being of minors facing anxiety, stress disorders, and emotional management difficulties. 


I guide musicians to break free from rigid physical patterns and encourage them to explore the full range of motion.


This work combines physical exploration with vocal exercises to deepen participants’ understanding of the intricate connection between bodily motion, specific vocal functions, and expression.


A learning process that broadens perspectives and opens new movement possibilities to pupeteers in both body and space.