The human voice is a complex and multifaceted human ability that extends beyond mere vocalization. It encompasses the entire body, both physically and mentally. Beyond being a tool for communication, the voice serves as a direct conduit for expressing thoughts and feelings, and it becomes a channel through which the deepest essence of a person is articulated.

I have led several thematic workshops on the theme “The Body of the Voice” for the last two years. These workshops follow a distinctive format that combines physical exploration with vocal exercises to deepen participants’ understanding of the intricate connection between bodily motion, specific vocal functions, and expression.  

I also collaborate with a voice therapist, assisting her patients, both children and adults, through individual sessions in the Feldenkrais method. My work touches on different aspects of body motion that interfere with vocal/speech production, which strongly supports and complements the therapist’s work.

If you suffer from a vocal injury or you’re a performer, a singer, a teacher/lecturer, a speech therapist, or any person curious to further experiment with voice production, Contact me!