Throughout my career, I’ve engaged with musicians in diverse settings, offering private sessions, instructing a physical training program at ESEM Barcelona, and facilitating teacher training courses.

The journey of professional musicians is undeniably demanding, requiring creativity, productivity, skill enhancement, and the ability to overcome limitations. Often, musicians give in to a fixed “technique,” restricting their movements to accommodate it. However, contrary to the static nature of musical instruments, the musician’s nervous system and body present an infinite realm of possibilities.

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In my instructional approach, I challenge the prevailing notion that views the body merely as a “complementary accessory” to the musical instrument. Instead, I prompt students to question existing beliefs, encouraging them to explore new possibilities and adopt a more experimental and playful approach. A crucial aspect of my teaching philosophy is fostering a supportive environment where musicians can evolve as skilled players and expressive and self-aware artists.

My collaboration with music educators seeks to challenge traditional paradigms of musical education. I advocate for a dynamic and holistic understanding of the relationship between a musician’s body and their instrument. This holistic approach integrates physical training into musical pedagogy, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and embodied practice.

I guide musicians to break free from rigid physical patterns during private sessions. I encourage them to explore the full range of motion, fostering an awareness of how their bodies can enhance musical expression.

I aim to instigate a paradigm shift in how musicians perceive and engage with their bodies during learning. Through this approach, I aspire to contribute to a community of liberated, expressive, and resilient musicians, consistently pushing the boundaries of their artistic capabilities.