Minors & Mental Health


I have developed a training program that focuses on practical applications of bodywork aiming to enhance the well-being of minors facing anxiety, stress disorders, and emotional management difficulties. This program, which is especially geared towards professionals in the mental health field, has been a success among the nurses I have had the honor to work with. 

Participants are introduced to various somatic methods, including the Feldenkrais method, Focusing, Ideokinesis, movement improvisation, and Chi kung. The curriculum covers fundamental topics, such as the role of somatic methods in the mind-body connection, proprioception, body memory, physical patterns of trauma, and the concept of brain plasticity. The bodywork section delves into specific areas, including breathing and its impact on the nervous system, blood circulation as a means of regeneration, joint mobility, spine mobilization, muscle dynamics, sphincter unification, and the use of imagination and visualization.

Key objectives of the program involve:

  • Creating a repository of proposals and experiences for practical application with young individuals.
  • Providing participants with a personal understanding of the effects of bodywork.
  • Developing the ability to guide bodywork sessions.
  • Fostering essential tools for observation and feedback.

The methodology integrates movement classes and individual and group work proposals, and it facilitates discussions and practical exercises in guiding bodywork activities. The training equips mental health nurses with the necessary skills and knowledge to positively impact minors’ mental well-being through bodywork techniques.

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