Functional Integration (FI)

An individual session in the Feldenkrais method is called Functional Integration (FI). It is designed to work on personal issues and difficulties that demand focused attention and an intimate process. 

Functional Integration is a hands-on work where you’ll be moved by your teacher, listen to your sensations, and feel where your habitual tensions interfere with your movement.

You’ll attend the session fully clothed in comfortable clothing, speak about your motivation, move a little with my instructions, and then be asked to lie/sit on a low table, where I will carefully manipulate you. One-on-one manipulations do not provoke any pain; they are pleasurable and relaxing and are done in postures like lying, sitting, or standing, as well as movement exercises. 

During the session and at its end, you’ll move again and examine the changes/differences in your movement, perception of your body, and feelings. A series of sessions will take you beyond your limits. You will be guided to a better and more efficient movement/posture, finding the easiest/lightest/most elegant way to move.

If you’re a baby/toddler/child, you won’t be asked to stay still, and the session will center on movement through play. Parents are most welcome to visit and witness the sessions.

Sessions last approximately one hour, and the frequency of sessions depends on your need, your speed, and your will to invest in yourself. Many people start with FI sessions and continue to ATM classes.

I offer FI sessions at my studio, Momentum, in Barcelona, at home in Mediona, and at VEUS in Igualada.
We can also schedule an online session. To set a meeting, contact me!