Dance improvisation based on the Feldenkrais Method


My approach to teaching and improvisation, influenced by the transformative principles of the Feldenkrais Method, is characterized by a somatic perspective that emphasizes the continuous exploration of movement. By integrating this method as a preparatory practice, I connect stillness with movement to physically and mentally prepare students for spontaneous improvisation.

In my teaching, I encourage curiosity-driven approaches, leading to new actions in improvisation. This process involves cultivating a mindset that views movement as a dynamic exploration. By encouraging students to delve into kinesthetic tuning, I aim to refine their movements, improve coordination, and foster awareness for the intentional and sensitive generation of movement.

Furthermore, I adopt a holistic approach involving physical, mental, and sensory processes, enriching the quality and expression of improvisation. Embracing the concept of Feldenkrais’ variation, I guide students to explore alternatives in movement, promoting adaptability and creativity. This methodology provides tools to develop a richer and more flexible artistic expression within improvisation.

Regular weekly classes

Mondays from 19:15 to 20:30 at St. Pere de Riudebitlles

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