Asier Suberbiola, musician

Working with Einat made a big difference in my professional life. My name is Asier Suberbiola, 40 years old, violinist in different styles, from classical to jazz, rock, and improvisation.

I have worked with my consciousness with different techniques during the last 20 years: hatha yoga, tai chi, Alexander technique, and working with Einat, which was the first time I worked on Feldenkrais.

In our sessions, she gave me tools to realize, research, and understand my consciousness better, my freedom, and my movements. I felt free and confident with her from the first moment and I consider her as a very respectable professional. That’s why I invited her to work on the stage of the freedom movement on my string project, Aupa Quartet. The project comes from a classical string quartet and offers a variety of styles (from classical to jazz, rock, folk, and world music) with improvisations, taking all the space on the stage and with dynamic shows. We worked together in the preparation of all the movements of our school and family show, “Sound Laboratory.” Her help was amazing.

Einat could go from the first minute to captivate the best part of every musician in the band to give indications to improve them. The band is creating a new show, and Aupa wants to grow up this relationship with Einat in the future.